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God's Newest Revelations
for the People of the New Era

And His Message to Humankind

Description & Objectives

This is a website which is dedicated foremost of all to presenting novel studies and methods used in endeavors that are aimed at advancing and popularizing the God-Science compatibility.

The results of these scientific and scholarly efforts include God- provided information about the World of Ether, the human soul and spirit, the structure of the Universe, the purposes of life on Earth, evolution, and humanity's future.

The achievements of modern science represent just a small segment of this knowledge, and corroborate the truthfulness and correctness of the knowledge imparted to us by God. Our site can be of use to the general public and also to scientists and scholars in a number of fields. It can also be utilized as a venue designated to meet certain needs and demands in the areas of scientific consultation, Russian-English & English-Russian translation, as well as tutoring in mathematics, physics, astronomy, and Russian.

The Book, "God's Revelations"

A Preface by Dr. Anna Zentsova-Vanneson to the American Edition

This book, containing God's newest Revelations, could not have been written by any human being, due first of all to the fact that there are no omniscient people, and secondly because the scale of creative formation and plans presented in this book correspond only to the scale of the Creator. The originator of the dictations that started in August of 2004 -- and continue -- is our Creator (the Supreme Intellect, the Logos). We, Orthodox Christian scientists, have only recorded (and are still recording) them. Our Lord's Dictations constitute the bulk of the book. At its end is a series of analytical commentaries (from a scientific standpoint) on the Lord's Dictations to us. They were written by me, and concern the structure and the main physical laws of the Universe, as well as the reasons for the existence of God. Regrettably, religion has always adhered to the tenet of the incognoscibility of the Etheric(al) World, the Soul, and the Spirit. However, God provides us in His earliest Dictations with a thorough, exhaustive knowledge about phenomena related to them, about the structure of the Universe, the purposes of life on Earth, about evolution, and the future of humanity.

God has asked me to relay the following Message to the Americans:

“Whether America will be able to save Itself in the very near future, as a civilization, as a highly developed nation, depends on the degree to which you, the American People, will be able to absorb the information that I am giving to you via My Russian Ambassadors.”


"We believe in the universal sisterhood
and brotherhood of humanity"